I was Born and bred in Marquette, MI. When I was nineteen I decided it was time to embark on a new adventure and I moved to San Diego. Although it was the scariest thing I'd ever done, I couldn't have been more sure that it was what I was supposed to do. I am now married to an incredible man and a mother to the most precious child. If there is anything I've learned in my twenty-five years of living it's to go after what scares you the most, it bares the greatest rewards.  


When I walk into a room the first thing I know is how it makes me feel. My mood can completely change depending on the atmosphere I put myself in. This is when I realized that design was more than a series of strategic decisions, it's a thoughtful experience. When I had this epiphany, I told myself that I would always surround myself in designs that made me feel at peace. 

Your home should be an oasis of serenity...but first what is home?  Your home is your mind, body, and soul. Each one is as important as the other, I created this page to help enhance our homes, and to build a community that can share wisdom, insight and ideas on how to make that happen.