New Year, New You.

Hello Darlings, 

About a month ago, our family welcomed our first baby girl and yes it was one of the most amazing things in the entire world! Now I get to enjoy being a new mother, and if any of you reading this are mothers you know how challenging that can be. It’s a new year and like everyone else, I need to lose a few pounds. Not only was I hit with the holidays but I’m also  carrying around all this extra baby weight!!! 

With so many programs out there, how do you chose one? 

Well I will start by saying, I don't believe in “Diets” I believe in a lifestyle change. Because of this, I have stuck with programs that have nutrition plans that are long lasting, not just fat melting fads, so when I want to transform my health my first response is to turn to BeachBody.

Why do I love BeachBody?

  1. It’s offers SO MANY different programs at all different workout levels; Beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  
  2. It’s Cheap! for only $99/ Year I get access to ALL of the programs AND nutritional materials including recipes.
  3. I can stream it from anywhere on any device, all I have to do is login! 
  4. I can workout at home … while watching my baby! 
  5. It’s sustainable. These programs fit into everyday life, they’re quick and they have food plans that don't leave me hungry or feeling like I’m missing out on all the “good food” everyone else gets to eat. 

If you’re interested in getting a coach, which I highly recommend if you’re serious about your health, and want tips and incredible accountability groups click this link and get linked up with the best coach on the west coast, Kimberly Jenson (who is a mother of three, if she can do it… we all can)! 

I would love to hear from you guys! let me know some of your go-to clean eating recipes, what are some things you guys want to know from me? leave comments below or feel free to email me, lets do this together!!! 

Links to get started with your body transformation journey: