Valentines Day Special

Hello Darlings, 

Valentines day is around the corner and instead of doing the same boring, dinner and a movie, I wanted to share 14 (in the spirit of Valentines) date ideas to enjoy with your spouse!

Dance Class.jpg

Dance Class.

Nothing better than trying something new! Whether you're right on beat or stepping on each others feet, at least you'll have a fun night with some good laughs.

Living room camp.jpg

Backyard Camping. 

Okay, I'm not one for camping but I am if it's in my backyard! Take your bedroom outside and spend the evening looking up at the stars. 

Twist: Live in the city like me? make a living room fort! My husband and I did this and it was one of the best memories I have with him!

Comedy Show.jpeg

Comedy Show.

Cheap. Fun. Drinks. Food. Enough said, comedy shows are super fun for date night, what's better than laughing with loved ones?! There are so many good local talents, so give them a shot even if you don't recognize their names.

road trip.jpeg

Road Trip. 

Grab some snacks and a cooler and take a trip. Make stops along the way to take pictures to look back on. Spend the night in a hotel, make it a weekend to remember. 

Twist: Drive to a place that's featured in one of your favorite movies or TV shows and document it!

Drive In.jpeg

Drive In. 

Take a break from the theater, grab some blankets and popcorn and head to the drive in. It's inexpensive and you get to be alone with your spouse. 

Sex  Bucket List.jpeg


Create a bucket list of places you want to have sex, see how many places you can check off your list in one night. Make it memorable :) 



This one is an oldie, but a goodie! Wine and dine in your favorite outside spot.   Make it special and try to get the sunset, or if you really want to do something different, make it the sunrise and do a breakfast picnic.

Cooking Class.jpeg

Cooking Class. 

Put on the chefs hat for a night and sign up for a cooking class. You will learn a new recipe for home and get to be flirty in the kitchen while doing so. 

Twist: Don't have a cooking class to sign up for? Get a cook book pick a random page and create your own first-time experience at home. Buy some wine and candles, and turn up the heat in the kitchen. 

Night Out .jpeg

Night Out. 

Remember those crazy night's out? Well time to dust of the old dancing shoes and go make memories with your loved one. Act like kids and hit the club, buy some drinks and dance until your feet bleed. 

Spa Day.jpg

Spa Day. 

Okay so maybe a night out isn't for you, well that's okay. Take an entire day and relax in the sauna, get a couples massage and release all the stress. Sip some champagne poolside while you work on your tan. If this doesn't sound like a great date, I don't know what does. 

Scavenger Hunt .jpeg

Scavenger Hunt.

Make a list of items to find or do in one day, document them and create a scrapbook of the hunt. Think big, some of the list items could be out of town, this could be a mini-roadtrip too!

Escape Room .jpeg

Escape Room.

Test your teamwork skills and do an escape room. Nothing sexier than working together and figuring out the hard stuff. 


Coffee Shop Hop. 

My favorite kind of day is one filled with coffee. Discover your cities best coffee shop, try some scones, croissants, and macaroons with a piping hot cup of joe.

Sunset Cruise.jpeg

Sunset Cruise. 

Maybe you can't get out of town for the weekend but you can pretend! Take a sunset cruise with fine dining and some wine to wash it all down. Get cozy and watch the sunset from the deck of the ship. Take it all in, while you're out on the ocean blue.

There you have it! 14 date ideas to try out with your loved one. Although Valentines day is the recognized holiday of love, be spontaneous and enjoy your relationships every day. Surprise your spouse and take them out on a random weekend getaway. Get a sitter for the kids and have some alone time to serve one another. Love is so special and hard to find, make it a beautiful journey.