Brunch with the Besties

Hello Darlings, 

I know what your'e thinking... Brunch? Really is that a "Healthy Lifestyle" topic, my answer to you is YES! I believe in a well-rounded way of living, if you've seen my Insta you know that as much as I think eating clean and exercise is important, so is your sanity. I'm a fairly new mother, a wife, and I work. It's not easy to unwind and most days it's bedtime before I've had a chance to sit down. With that being said, sometimes you just gotta brunch it out. 

Take a Saturday morning, leave the kids at home and get together with your tribe. Make dressing up a must, and get a reservation at a cute cafe. San Diego is such a perfect city for foodies and we never run out of new places to try. 

This month it was PrepKitchen in Little Italy. Ahh-Mazing food ( I highly recommend the breakfast potatoes), their fruit came fresh from the farmers market that was going on in the street that day. We had so many mimosas... okay too many mimosas... but not enough mimosas, and it was fabulous. 

We ended the brunch with a stroll down the street, to our favorite coffeeshop, Heartsleeves. If you live in San Diego, and you've never been to Heartsleeves you're doing yourself a real disservice. GO TO HEARTSLEEVES, and get The Duchess, you will not be disappointed. It's an alice in wonderland themed oasis with the best drinks in town. We sipped our coffee bayside in the perfect sunny and 75 degree weather.  We took an Uber home, because don't drink and drive, and ended the perfect afternoon. 

Do yourself a favor and relax with friends, make yourself a priority! Schedule a time when you can do you boo-boo and actually do it, we all deserve some "me" time!