Clutter-Free Pantry

Hello Darlings, 

Today, I will be walking you through 5 easy steps on how to organize your kitchen pantry. If you read my last post you know that in this series we are transforming our homes into a tranquil space in every way we can to set the tone for 2018. I have found that being organized in my home has brought on a very zen-like feeling. Now like any good thing, it takes a little time, and some grunt-work in the beginning but saves you ample time in the long run. 

To get your house in order, I suggest taking on one project at a time. It’s easy to focus on one area so you can really get it exactly how you want it, and its a lot less overwhelming. This weekend I decided my area of focus was to organize my pantry, it had been out of hand far too long. I broke it down in 5 easy steps:





1. Plan Your Process. Always have a plan of attack! Visualize what you want your area to look like, and make it practical. Take your idea to Pinterest and find a visual to work off of that mimics the goal for your space. 

2. Set Your Budget. Go into each project knowing exactly what you want to spend, and stick to your bottom line. If you don't find what you need in your price range, be patient and keep looking I promise a cheaper solution is out there.

3. Shop Around.  Never underestimate the power of the Dollar Store, I went there and found everything I needed for under $15! You can also check online for sales happening in your area or online at Amazon, Wayfair, World Market, etc., compare prices and get the best deal. 




4. Label Everything. A label maker, every crafters dream. But really, this is a necessity, if you don't have a label maker don't stress, I found mine at Target for a better price than any office supply store I looked at ($15). If you want to get super crafty, get a pack of cute chalk labels and get your calligraphy on. Now that everything is labeled, you can easily task your husband or kids to help clean up and they'll know where everything goes without having to ask you every three seconds (relaxation for the win!).

5. Organize. Now that you have your plan, you’ve stayed on budget, and everything is labeled you can start putting things away in a practical and useful manner. If you use your spices every day, don't place them in the back of the pantry behind everything, make them easily accessible. Remember to keep the labels facing outward for quick reference and fast clean up.



This process has helped to save me a ton of time in the kitchen. Hope this helps you to take one step closer to having a happy and clutter free home! Next week, I’ll show you how to repurpose your old furniture to make your child’s closet oh-so-dreamy :)