Closet Clean Up

Hello Darlings, 

Raise your hand if you have things in your house you don't really use…. ME! Okay, maybe you use them but you could really put them to BETTER use. Well, I found myself in that exact dilemma, I had a bookshelf that was given to me, beautiful solid dark wood but the reality was, I didn't have a use for it anymore… or so I thought. 

Back in November, I was preparing for our first child (how exciting, right?!) and I had all this stuff in her nursery from my baby shower but absolutely no place to put it. I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes, receiving blankets, bathing supplies, etc. I was frustrated because I didn't want to spend money on another dresser for all these supplies, so instead I decided to get creative, I used my bookcase: 



My nursery doubles as a guest bedroom so I needed to maximize the square footage as much as I could so when I measured out the dimensions of my bookcase I was thrilled that it was going to fit in the closet. So in it went! 

Now I still needed a way to organize all of the stuff within the bookshelf, to the rescue. I found a four-pack of baskets for $35, so with one click they were on their merry little way. 


If  you don't have as much stuff lying around, there is still hope, here are some cheap solutions to still organize a nursery/child closet: 

  • Baskets: You can find baskets or small storage boxes for as little as $6 at Big Lots, or order them as a 2-4 pack at between $15-$20
  • Baby Hangers: Target offers a 10-pack of Baby hangers for $0.99, what a steal!!
  • Small Shelving Unit: Target for the win, for as little as $55. 

If you were to purchase everything above and start from scratch you’d be able to completely reorganize for under $100. I hope this helps and remember a clean home is a clean mind!