Pinterest Predicts 2018 Home Trends

Hello Darlings, 

I love Pinterest just as much as the next girl, so when they drop an article like Predicting 2018 Home Trends I'm all over it. As of late, I have been looking around my home and feeling the need to change a few things. With that being said I've needed to go to the source of my inspiration...Pinterest.  Let's dive deep into a few of the articles suggestions for homes in 2018: 


Spa Bathroom

I wish right?! I'm totally in LOVE with rain showers and wet baths. When I was a kid I used to dream of having a huge bathroom with a large clawfoot tub in the middle. With one entire wall a window overlooking the fields of trees, I guess I was planning on living in the forest. My how times have changed, here I am dreaming of a city skyline! If I had a space big enough I would be all over the bathroom trend for this year. As for now, I'll settle with the clean look and natural accents. 



Statement Ceilings

Since the dawn of time, ceilings have always been the real MVP. From Russia's Church of the Savior, Spilled Blood to  the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. Ceilings were used to tell stories of old or display the most beautiful art. Although we may never have anything that extravagant in our houses, I think there is a lot we can learn from this idea. Pulling the history from different textiles, weathered/refurbished wood, maybe even gorgeous metals. Every element has a history of it's own, a story that can add to the beauty of our home.


Large Wall Art

ALL OF THE YES! I love large wall art, and it's so cool to find. I think this type of art takes a room from average to prestigious. It's really up there with a statement ceiling in my opinion. A fun spin: place a large gallery photo in your bathroom! The gallery look has always been so chic and effortless, I say go for it in 2018!




Floors, ceilings, tile, herringbone is a timeless pattern that can be brought from floor to ceiling. I think of Genevieve Gorder's Home Renovation (if you haven't watched it... do yourself a favor and clear your evening for a little Netflix and chill). It's such  versatile pattern. I've seen it in elegance, country chic, and modern homes. Each home looked so diverse, but all carried the pattern so well. It's a matter of finding what works for you and going for it. My favorite space I see it used is as backsplash in kitchens, absolutely timeless.  



Sage is all the rage this year. It's the preferred neutral and I'm not mad about it. Ive always been a fan of the fall color scheme and nothing is better than bringing a little fall for all year round. I know it can be a bit dark thinking of an entire room that color, but if you have enough natural light flowing in, I think it's the perfect touch to warm up the space. Keep the accents light and use a lot of natural woods to liven up the nooks and crannies. 


There you have it, Pinterest predicts all of our 2018 desires. But let's be honest, they're just telling us what we should DO with our homes this year. It's okay, because as a woman Pinterest is pretty much the guide to life. What's your take on our new trends? Happy decorating! 



Hello Darlings, 

I love history, I love studying history, I love biblical history, but most of all I love item history ... what is Item history? Well I don't know because I just made it up, but I can tell you that I define it as items in your home that are refurbished, used, or "vintage". 

Not so long ago barn and farmhouse decor swept the nation; weddings, kitchens, bedrooms, all of it. The stores were bursting with weathered wood, metal signs, and mason jars up the wazoo, some stores still are! But I have always loved items that had true history, items that you had to search to find. The perfect knick-knacks that create depth and meaning to your shelves. This is why I love second-hand stores!

Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 

Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA 

I strongly believe something has more meaning when you happen upon it, rather than found on a shelf at Target. I am not knocking Target, because lord knows your girl can do some damage in minutes, but you know what I mean! Nothing is cooler than being able to tell your guests the story of where you found such a unique aged piece. Here are some of mine: 

Estate Sale, found in Marquette, MI

Estate Sale, found in Marquette, MI

This bible was given to me by a friend whose grandfather past away, his grandfather collected them and passed them down to him and his father. This bible was printed in 1817.

This bible was given to me by a friend whose grandfather past away, his grandfather collected them and passed them down to him and his father. This bible was printed in 1817.

Coca-Cola box, found in abandoned factory

Coca-Cola box, found in abandoned factory

Although the story that these items carry are not my own, I still get to display their unique beauty and cherish the character they have developed over the years. This is what makes decor so intriguing to me, it can be whatever you make it! For me it's "item" history. I encourage you to go out and get some vintage treasures yourself, you never know what you'll find. Here are a few great places to look: 

Resale shops

Estate Sales


Grandparents House (yours or anyone else's) 

Garage Sales

Flea Market

Shop away you shoppers and may the vintage be ever in your favor...



Your Own Bedroom Getaway

Hello Darlings,

Not all of us have the time or money to get away for a romantic Valentines day weekend, but that doesn't mean we can't have a romantic valentines day weekend, you feel me? 

I want to walk you through a few things you can do to spice up your own bedroom for Valentines day without spending tons of money. Like I've said before (Clutter-Free Pantry), never underestimate the power of the dollar store. V-day is once a year and you don't want to over spend on something that looks awesome for the atmosphere of the night, but ultimately will end up in the garbage. 

  1. Fake Flower Petals. Whats more romantic than a flower petal walkway from the door to the bedroom, or the dining table where a nice dinner is prepared. 
  2. Candles. Pick up a few extra candles to set the ambiance of the night. No one looks cute in overhead light, candlelight is the way to go! 
  3. Throw Pillow. Find a nice red throw pillow to garnish your bed with, it'll be a great accessory next to you in your lingerie. 
  4. Champagne. Stop by the liquor store and pick up a bottle, if you're looking for cheap, go with a simple Brut or Rose. Fill two glasses (don't have glasses, dollar store - holla!) and meet him at the door. 
  5. Music. Nothing brings you into the moment like music can. Create a Love playlist and keep it going all night long.

There you have it, hopefully you and your loved one enjoy a romantic, candle-lit evening. Relax and revisit the reasons you fell in love, make it special and a night to remember.