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Pray on Purpose

It starts with me..

I was in my car listening to T-Swift and  I started thinking, why do I look at prayer as a last resort. No really, I say I trust God with my whole heart yet time and time again I find myself in a place of complete panic and in my head I literally say "Well, at this point all I can do is pray." Well today I thought to myself, how pretentious could I be!  How could I possibly think "well I'm going to do my best to solve this but if I can't, then I guess I'll take it to the Most High." But that's the way we're wired right? In our jobs, in our marriages, even as parents. Western civilization is built upon DIYers, it's important to be solution oriented. If there is problem you better figure out how to fix it, and if YOU can't fix it then you take it to the 'higher-ups'.  Don't get me wrong there is definitely a time and place for that, but not when it comes to our God.

Here is the challenge. Jesus, yet again, flips society on its head: 


Yes, I said it. Stop trying to figure out the solution to things that are completely out of your control. Don't stay awake at night sick to your stomach because you're not sure how something is going to turn out. Turn to prayer. It's something we take for granted. I'll be the first one to say I am guilty. It's in our nature, we all know how hard it is to go against the grain but we must. It's important we understand that nothing good comes from our own will, in essence we never truly fix anything. What is good is God, what is from our flesh is evil. I think it's so important to remember that, we must be humbled with these tough situations, we must be faced with these trials that sometimes rock us to our core because otherwise we would think we don't need God, we can fix it.

The truth is we can't fix anything, not without Him. Even in our best moments when a problem arises and we're so quick on our feet, but sorry girl, we will always fall short. But the beauty is God's got your back even when you don't ask. But what if we DID ask?  What if the first thing we did was say to God, "I dont want to fix this on my own, I need your help."  What if we pressed in and said "not only do I need you to help me with this but I want to learn from this. I want to know you more through this." Imagine how much our lives would change. 

But it starts with me.