When I held my daughter in my hands the first time, a new level of selflessness overwhelmed my soul. "It's not about me." It's a truth said time and time again but is it really understood? My answer is no, and to an extent it never will be understood as long as we live on this Earth. However, in this moment of pure motherhood the understanding was within reach. 

I've always prayed for a heart like christ, but I realize now I asked for it blindly. Not really understanding the magnitude of what it meant to think, feel, or be, like christ. When I looked down on her I wanted nothing more than to give her a full life, protect her and do all that I could to keep her healthy and breathing.  The word love isn't strong enough to explain the way a parent feels about their child. 

I was burdened by the realization that God feels about us what I feel about her. The disconnect between my heart and my head had come together.