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Pray on Purpose


I think we tend to underestimate prayer, I know I do.  I don't fully understand the wonder of and awe of this gift. Since I was a little girl I talked to God and I guess you could say prayed without really knowing what it meant to pray. Now as an adult I think I take that ability for granted. 

In the past year I've done a couple of bible studies and in each one we read books, one talking about God in marriage and the other about the gospel. Even though I'm not much of a reader, (at least since high school) I am so glad I had to read these books. Each of them focused on something completely different but the one thing they had in common was emphasizing how truly mighty our God is. A question that resonated with me was how do you humble yourself before meeting with God? 

I think we get too comfortable with OUR understanding of who God is. We know Christ died for our sins, we know all the great stories of old, and we have full confidence in the future of His return. Don't get me wrong these are great to be confident in, but this doesn't begin to scratch the surface of how glorious and just He is. We get so caught up in the facts that we put God in a box, we forget to apply Him to our every day lives. Here is what I mean; we stress ourselves out, we get anxious, sometimes fearful, or confused about situations that happen in our day to day. We go about our own way to try and fix these things, to calm ourselves down or have a drink to take the edge off. Too often we fail to ask the creator of all things, for help. We save the "big" things for God, but he wants the small things too.  So how does this tie in to the big question, how do we humble ourselves before meeting with God?  It's simple, stop leaning on your own understanding. Come to God for direction in your daily conversations. Come to Him with your fears, even if it's of a spider! Come to Him knowing that he is your only source comfort, knowledge and ability. Position your heart to receive His direction and PRAY! 

We cant make light of this, this is critical to our growth as christians.  It is a gift, a gift means we didn't do anything to deserve it. It's something freely given to us. If that doesn't humble you I don't know what will!  Pray big, pray small, but always pray.