“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”




Low Carb Creamy Chicken

A new family favorite, plus it's guilt free! I grew up eating chicken in every kind of way. I love creamy sauces and trying different variations with chicken, because sometimes it can be so darn boring. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle isn't alway easy or exciting but I think I found a "winner winner, chicken dinner". 


Cheese Stuffed Shells 

Sometimes we just need a little comfort, and that's okay. This recipe is a classic dish but one I had forgotten about, until I really needed it. So although it won't do great things for your waistline it will bless your tastebuds! 


Chicken "Fried" Rice

Feels like a cheat meal, but it's not...this is a staple dinner in my home. The great thing about this meal is it makes even better leftovers. Double win for mothers and wives everywhere.